Hi, I'm Charles. 👋
I'm a product designer.

Currently, I’m at Calendly building Analytics tools and other enterprise features.

Previously, I was at LivePerson building AI-products.

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I specialize in
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Visual design
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Throughout the past 11 years, I've journeyed my way through the evolution of web and mobile technologies. I've built plenty of websites & applications, eventually realizing that what I really loved doing, was creating designs that look cool 😎.

Having said that, I believe that form follows function. Good functionality is the key to problem-solving; good design elevates it. Like the conspicuousness of Norman doors, I find myself constantly noticing problems and coming up with ways on how to improve them. Problems are brain-teasers to me: if I apply enough thought and research, a solution will present itself.

Doors that have the affordances that suggest the opposite of how the door actually functions.
A door with pull handles that say the word 'push'.

The products I've worked on have all been unique, so they've had different constraints, problems, and solutions; what I have found to be constant though, is the willingness of peers (and of users) to help me design. Whenever I find myself in a rut, the people I work with have always shared their insights and knowledge to help out. I would not be where I am without the guidance of my past co-workers, mentors, and managers.

In my free time, I like to hike, boulder, play (beach) volleyball, experiment with crypto, and play with my cat Maui.

My cat Maui
Maui curled in a ball, sleeping
Maui lying on the ground with all 4 paws against the wall
Maui with a cat-sized santa hat on

Design is problem-solving. Design is for everyone. Design is never done.