DIVE Networks

Web App & Digital Signage

Interface/responsive/interaction design, user research, branding, development


I designed an automated news feed, designed for TV mediums in corporate environments. I optimized content for readability and accessibility by conducting research and incorporating user feedback. I also designed an interactive version for individual usage on mobile/web devices.


DIVE Networks is a digital media company that displays a stream of real-time news content for companies, in order to surface relevant and insightful information. This feed was informed by trends, social posts, and news. I oversaw feature designs and widget creation from conception to delivery, ensuring that the content was accessible and delivered in a visually aesthetic way.

DIVE was responsive and compatible on various devices.

Measuring success

In order for our customers to find value in this product, we needed to address the user needs, but several companies had two main audiences: internal employees, and external clients. Employees got more value in seeing industry insights and company news, whereas clients got value from seeing industry news and company insights.

Our newsfeed was a playlist of widgets that would display sequentially, and depending on the audience, different widgets would be shown. I designed each widget with this in mind, understanding that different audiences had different expectations and context. However, all designs needed to be accessible and visually appealing.

To be accessible, content needed to:

  • be large enough to be seen from across the room (10 feet or more),
  • fit on various monitors of varying resolutions,
  • have enough contrast do be seen, compensating for poorly calibrated displays,

To be visually appealing, content needed to:

  • attract the eye, but not distract the viewer
  • blend in cohesively with company branding

Addressing these issues involved research, testing, design exploration on my part, and ultimately resulted in what you can see below.


A screenshot of what a Twitter widget being displayed. There are several elements on the screen to provide the viewer with a variety of content.

DIVE’s product space is quite unique as it was a mainly visual and non-interactive consumable product. I had to conduct research and refer to industry standards when designing each of the interfaces in the news feed. Sizing, color contrast, timing, and speed, were all taken into consideration when creating new widgets. Custom animation and layouts were also used to increase visual interest, and to help users quickly differentiate between topics.

DIVE also had a sibling product called Team DIVE, which created to allow users to have an interactive experience instead of a purely visual one. It was a responsive web app that not only included the news feed mentioned above but also had the added functionality of allowing users to individually select and explore brand information available to them. I designed and helped build this project which involved: defining the project requirements and needs analysis; designing the information architecture; creating wireframes & prototypes; and building the front-end app.

In the market

The Dive Networks news feed brings in a lot of value for various company employees and their clients, and has been used in places like Sid Lee, Initiative, Dentsu Bos, and AOL.